Research and Analysis

ideas2evidence generates knowledge from data. We assist our clients in their efforts to establish a relevant, robust and transparent knowledge base to support their decision making processes. We are skilled number crunchers with extensive experience regarding quantitative data, indicator development and statistics, but also have a focus on qualitative sources of information like text, images and audio data. The choice of methods and sources of data is driven by the topic under investigation and in many cases we combine quantitative and qualitative data in one project. Our strength is the ability to let the data "tell it's story" - be it harder facts and numbers or data of a softer nature.

ideas2evidence can:

  • conduct research and analysis based on our clients own data, specially collected data or data from official statistics or other external sources
  • define and develop indicators
  • analise qualitative data from interviews, text, publications or web-pages
  • carry out advanced statistical analysis and modelling as well as simpler descriptive tabulation and charting
  • conduct market research
  • evaluate studies
  • carry out studies of attitudes and behaviour
  • conduct policy studies