Tools and processes

New knowledge derives from situations where smart brains, equipped with smart tools meet smart data. Relevant and reliable data (read: smart data) is a prerequisite of all empirically based research, but without smart tools and technologies which can help us manage, filter, digest and visualize these data, even the smartest analysts wil come short.

ideas2evidence has helped a variety of clients to improve and streamline their technologies related to collection, management, documentation, analysis, visualization and dissemination of statistical data. We have extensive knowledge of standards, technical solutions and international best practice in these areas and can provide valuable advice on how to improve tools and processes in order to maximise the return on investments made in the collection of data.

In some cases we are also involved in the development and implementation of new technologies. Over the last few years ideas2evidence has, together with Gallup Europe, been responsible for the development of a complete software platform for the development and administration of foreign language tests amongst European school children. You will find more information about this project here.