Jan Erik Grindheim

Jan Erik Grindheim har doktorgrad i sammenliknende politikk fra Universitetet i Bergen på temaet flernivåstyre i Den europeiske union (2009), med spesiell vekt på betydningen av europeisk integrasjon på det regionale styringsnivåets handlingsrom og muligheter i norsk politikk. Fra 1998 til 2011 arbeidet Grindheim med utviklingen av komparativ statistikk for regional utvikling for det interkommunale selskapet Oslo Teknopol (deltidsstilling ved siden av en halv stilling ved Universitetet i Agder). Han har solid kunnskap om hvordan offentlig politikk og forvaltning fungerer på lokalt nivå, og har gjennom sitt engasjement for Oslo Teknopol arbeidet mye med koblingene mellom offentlig, privat og frivillig sektor. Fra 2006 til 2013 var Grindheim også ansvarlig redaktør av tidsskriftet Stat & Styring og opparbeidet seg gjennom dette engasjementet solid kunnskap om offentlig politikk og forvaltning.

Grindheim har 25 års erfaring som forsker og foreleser ved Universitetet i Bergen (1987-1996 og 2004-2012), Universitetet i Oslo (1998-2002 og 2012-2013), Universitetet i Agder (1999-2011) og NTNU (2012-2013).

Grindheim har også solid erfaring som administrator av store internasjonale nettverk for student- og lærerutveksling samt internasjonalt forskningssamarbeid, og han har holdt flere kurs for ansatte i offentlig forvaltning om policyutforming og forholdet mellom politikk og forvaltning. 

Samarbeidet med Grindheim omfatter blant annet et KS-finansiert FoU-prosjektet om dokumentasjons- og rapporteringskrav i skolesektoren (2013-2014), hvor Grindheim var prosjektleder. Han har også vært en viktig samarbeidspartner i en rekke mindre prosjekter. 

Musgrave Analytics Limited

Building upon staff backgrounds in economics and social research, Musgrave Analytics Limited offers consulting and data analytical services around the following main themes:
Health Intelligence – working with NHS bodies and the pharmaceutical industry we have many years of experience in building evidence bases, advanced analysis methods and data visualisation tools such as dashboards. Projects that we have been involved with include the development of information strategies for clinical commissioning groups, the creation of comparative benchmarking tools, assessment of marketing strategies and economic impact studies.
Manufacturing – we are working in the automotive sector developing solutions to understand variability in supply and turn scorecards into accessible and interactive dashboards.
Regeneration / City Analytics – we have a strong background in the economics of regeneration and a particular interest in the development of local information systems to assist in the planning and monitoring of strategy.
Tourism Economics – we have been involved in numerous economic impact studies of business and leisure tourism, often taking a critical approach, in order to understand where value is created most effectively within a local economy. >>

Integrated Data Management Services

Integrated Data Management Services (IDMS) provides technical assistance in the area of documentation, production, harmonization, protection, access and packaging of statistical or scientific data. The company's mission is to ensure that such data are effectively managed and fit for purpose in accordance with industry standards and international best practices.  >>

The Open Data Foundation

The Open Data Foundation (ODaF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the adoption of global metadata standards and the development of open-source solutions promoting the use of statistical data. ODaF focuses on improving data and metadata accessibility and overall quality in support of research, policy making, and transparency. Jostein Ryssevik, the Managing Director of Ideas2evidence, is one of the founders and managers of ODaF>>

Metadata Technology

Metadata Technology was set up in 2005 by the people that did the technical work on the SDMX and DDI standards. Metadata Technology supports its customers in the implementation of ISO/TS 17369 Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX), Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), ebXML registry, and related open standards in the statistical field with a range of service offerings. >>


Confirmit is a world leading provider of software for Market Research (MR) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM). Confirmit has more than 200 employees and offices in Oslo (headquarters), Guildford, London, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, and Yaroslavl. Ideas2evidence is a Confirmit Marketplace member offering services and consultancy to clients using or planning to use the Confirmit platform. >>

Geowise Ltd

GeoWise creates innovative software to simplify and enhance the management and presentation of geography and statistics in Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). The GeoWise team has a unique blend of skills in design, programming, geography and statistics. The InstantAtlas suite of software delivers high-impact, geographic, web reporting for: key performance indicators, quantitative risk indicators, and statistical and survey results. >>

The Gallup Organization Europe

Gallup Europe's aim is to provide decision-makers with top-quality measurement data and analysis that enable them to make informed strategic choices at local, regional, European and international levels. While the core business of Gallup Europe consists of collecting and analysing pan-European survey data, it also offers consulting and training services that utilize the survey and polling research findings. >>