Voluntary sector integration

ideas2evidence was commissioned by the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) to conduct an evaluation of the MoU between IMDi and six...>>

Norwegian film policy

ideas2evidence was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to evaluate the system of state support for regional film funds.

The state support for the regional film funds is an element in the reorganisation of the Norwegian film policy and was...>>

European Survey Database for CESSDA

ideas2evidence and Metadata Technology have carried out an analysis and specification for a European survey database on behalf of The Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA). The...>>

Visualizations of Health Indicators for Tribal Group, UK

Ideas2evidence has been commissioned by the English consultancy firm Tribal group to develop interactive visualizations of English health data and indicators. We have developed data dashboards which provide hospitals and Primary Care Trusts...>>

Developing a System for Reporting Activities - Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ideas2evidence has been in charge for the development and implementation of a new system for reporting and evaluating arrangements at the Norwegian Embassies around the World. The system is based on Confirmit and includes an electronic scheme to be...>>

Analyses of KOSTRA Data for the Rokkan Centre

Ideas2evidence has carried out statistical analyses in a research project at the Rokkan Centre. The analyses are drawn on time series KOSTRA data from Norwegian municipalities.

The analyses are presented in: 

Annelise Fimreite,...>>

Statistical Analysis for The Rokkan Centre

Ideas2evidence has conducted statistical analysis for The Rokkan Centre. The project highlighted the public opinion regarding the government’s capability of handling crisis and accidents. The empirical data material was gathered through 2...>>

Passion and Livelihood - A Study of Cultural Industries in the Bergen Region.

Commissioned by The administration of Hordaland County, the municipality of Bergen and Innovation Norway, ideas2evidence has done a study of selected culture industries of Hordaland. The study emphasizes 3 industries: Rhythmic music, film/media and...>>

Analysis for Improving Data Storage and Make User-friendly Solutions for Statistics Norway

Ideas2evidence was commissioned by Statistics Norway to evaluate their routines, their adjustment for external users of data and data storage solutions. Our analysis consists of a description of the current situation, a presentation of international...>>

Analysis of the "Candidate Survey" 2007

Ideas2evidence has conducted analysis and reports based on data from the “Candidate Survey” commissioned by the Career Centre at the University of Bergen.  The survey is directed towards graduates from the University of Bergen, Bergen...>>