Survey in Connection with the Planning of a "New" Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In connection with the planning of a new building for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we conducted a survey during spring 2008 mapping out the employee’s needs and opinions. We were responsible for all parts of the projects from...>>

Survey on the Need for Competence in the Design Industry of Bergen

Ideas2evidence has conducted a survey on the competence and need for competence in the design industry of Bergen.  The study was carried out for the Design Region Bergen.


A Readers Survey of "På Høyden" - The Newspaper of the University of Bergen

Ideas2evidence has done a readers survey of På Høyden, the intern newspaper of the University of Bergen. The report is built on a web-based questionnaire sent to all employees of the university.


Survey on the Employment Industry

Ideas2evidence has assisted The Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration and Econ Pröyry on a survey on the employment industry, by sampling data, and  preparing data for analysis.


Mapping Out Education and Competence Relevant for the Maritime Sector in the Bergen Region

Business Region Bergen and The Maritime Forum in Bergen Chamber of Commerce have commissioned ideas2evidence to map out the existence of education and competence in the region relevant for the maritime sector and the cooperation between the...>>

The Film Industry of Western Norway - Between Nation Building and Regional Development

Ideas2evidence conducted a study of the film industry in Western Norway on behalf of the Western Norway Film Center, Fuzz and The Western Norway Film commission. The aim of this study was to gain detailed knowledge of how the industry is financed...>>

Analysis and Graphics for the Education in Prison 2009 Report

Ideas2evidence has conducted analysis and graphics for the County Governor of Hordaland on the project “Education in prison 2009”.

The report can be downloaded h...>>

Developing Economic Key Indicators for Industries in Hordaland and the Bergen Region

On behalf of the Business Region Bergen, ideas2evidence has developed economic key indicators for the most important industries of the region. The aim of this study was to give politicians and other relevant actors a common fact-based ground for...>>

Survey Among the Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The survey was web-based, sent to all the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs including diplomats based abroad. Ideas2evidence was responsible for the survey design, data gathering and web reports.


Assisting Vista Analyse Evaluating The Plan of Action for Physical Health

Ideas2evidence has assisted Vista Analyse on an evaluation of  Plan of Action for Physical health 2005-2009 (Handlingsplan for fysisk aktivitet), on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The evaluation made a basis for the future...>>