Reporting and Visualization

Effective implementation of knowledge derived from research and analysis requires a professional focus on communication. Too many research reports are easily forgotten, either because they are written in a language which do not meet the requirements of their readers or due to the fact that the underlying research is based on methods and approaches which are incomprehensible to the target community.

In ideas2evidence we want our research and analysis to have an effect. For this reason we put great emphasis on developing reader-friendly and usable information products adapted to the needs of the target audience. This includes the choice of methods and language as well as visual design and the use of tables, graphs, illustrations and text. It also includes the choice of medium and format. In some cases the traditional text-centric research report is doing the job perfectly well. In others, alternative formats like shorter popularizations, brochures, web-pages or interactive data visualizations might convey the findings in a more efficient way.

ideas2evidence has a special focus on data visualization. This includes the way we design tables, charts and illustrations in our written publications as well as the development of interactive data visualization tools, scoreboards and data dashboards. The latter are tools which comunicate complex quantitative information in the most efficient and intuitive way and allows exploration of the material in an interactive way. See our Showcase page for a selecetion of live demos.