Our Approach

ideas2evidence is a group of engaged and highly competent factfinders, numbercrunchers and analysts with long and varied experience from a broad range of research and analysis projects. We are all trained social scientists basing our work on sound scientific methods and quality standards. But we also have a strong practical orientation readily spending time on data escavation, data organization or data visualization. Years of experience from reserach and analysis has taught us that generation of new and relevant knowledge in almost every case requires a large amount of careful and painstaking data preparation and refinement. At the opposite end of the value chain, successful implementation of newly derived knowledge necessitates a professional and innovative approach to communication and visualization.

Over the last few years we have delivered research and analysis on a broad range of topics, including economic development, cultural industries, economic indicators, demographic change, innovation and research, labour markets and evaluation of public programs. Based on our broad social science background from economics, geography and political science we are also eager to explore new topics. On areas where an extension to our inhouse competence and capacity are called for, we normally bring in experts from our network of highly skilled and professional partners.