Makes Your Data Tell its Story

ideas2evidence offers services and technologies in the areas of data collection and analysis, data visualization, monitoring and evaluation.

ideas2evidence makes your data tell its story. Our specialty is rich, interactive and intuitive interfaces to complex data - interfaces that let your data come to life to reveal hidden patterns and relationships.

ideas2evidence helps organizations and companies to refine and analyze their data, develop indicators and extract knowledge. We develop advanced monitoring and reporting environments allowing organizations and companies to evaluate performance and make better evidence based decisions. Through our partnership with the Gallup Organization Europe, we can offer a complete range of state-of-the-art data collecting services covering the entire world.

Our focus on a broad spectre of data sources, and the entire value chain from data collection and analysis to data visualization and reporting, makes ideas2evience a unique provider of services for any company or organization with a focus on evidence based decisions and measurable results.